The Casetour will be on June 8th, June 9th and June 10th of 2022.

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Requirements for students

Be a late bachelor or master student

The event is focussed on students that have made significant progress in their study.

Be a VvTP member

The Casetour 2022 is only accessible for members of the VvTP. If you are not a member, contact us now!

Be motivated

Be willing to extend your network on the Casetour 2022. This is a unique experience, so we are looking for participants who are highly motivated.


While not a requirement, having a well-maintained LinkedIn profile might do the trick.

Dress code

The cases will be performed at the companies in a formal setting. We therefore require formal attire. More information will follow!

Upload your CV

Your CV will be used in the selection process. After applying, the companies will select applicants based on their CVs. Click for more information and tips.

Past experiences

What people say?

The Casetour is an excellent opportunity to visit renowned companies and really get a feel of the activities each company is involved in. At every company we worked on a case that represented the challenges each company faces. (..) For a few hours we were allowed to look around, interview employees and try to come up with a solution to the assigned problem. At the end of the day we presented our solutions to the management of the site. It was really nice to see how a group of students from Delft was able to come up with some very innovative solutions that the people at the companies had not thought about yet in only a short amount of time."
Raoul de Jonge
Student TU Delft
Past participant